Organizational Strengthening

For the ACTBC it is a fundamental strategy to strengthen itself.  The members of the ACBTC are first-tier organizations and the support to these organizations to create a greater capacity will result in increased possibilities for undertaking efforts to benefit biodiversity conservation and the improvement of the inhabitants' quality of life.


  • Training is provided in aspects relating to planning, organization, administration, basic accounting, marketing of products and focus on gender.  This is done to give tools to the organizations and local inhabitants so that they can participate in, and have effect on, the socioeconomic development of the area.

Logistical Support

  • Support is facilitated in the transport of materials and communication to our members and other local organizations that request it which is an important contribution given the difficult conditions of access in the region.

Legal Support

  • Constitution of organizations, updating of legal documents and legal documents and legal consultation in general.

In addition the organization has a process of systematization of experiences which allows one to recognize his or her strengths and weaknesses and thus orient one's work.


  • Boletín Enero 2017. Proyecto: medidas de adaptación al cambio climático: una propuesta desde la realidad de las comunidades costeras de Talamanca, en el Caribe Sur de Costa Rica.

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