Member Organizations

1. Asociación Talamanqueña de EcoTurismo y Conservación (ATEC)

The main objective of the Talamanqueña Association of Ecotourism and Conservation (ATEC) is to promote ecological tourism in the canton of Talamanca and to provide advice to local landowners. This association was formed 25 years ago, being one of the first non-profit organizations working on the training of local tour guides.

The Association's efforts are directed towards the protection of the environment and the promotion of the culture of indigenous and Afro-Caribbean ethnic groups. It promotes the activities of local guides, environmental education and the sale of souvenirs, all made in Costa Rica.

President: Gloria Gavioli

Phone Number: (506) 2750-0398 / (506) 8706-4758

Address: Puerto Viejo Centro





 2. Asociación San Migueleña de Conservación y Desarrollo (ASACODE)

The main objective of the San Migueleña Association for Conservation and Development (ASACODE) is to seek the conservation of nature in San Miguel, without neglecting social and economic aspects; the group's motto is "love with hunger does not last", reflecting the need to seek solutions to the environmental, economic and social problems of the inhabitants. It began as a response from a group of farmers to the increasing and massive deforestation in the Talamanca area.

President: José Luis Zúñiga Zúñiga

Phone number: (506) 8835-6819

Address: Los Ángeles de San Miguel (Gandoca)

3. Asociación de Desarrollo y Conservación de Carbón Dos (ASODEC)

The main objective of the Association for the Conservation and Development of Coal Two (ASODEC) is to facilitate actions or processes that seek the sustainable development of the Coal Two community. It develops forest conservation, environmental education and organic agriculture, as well as the purchase of land and participation in the program Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) developed by the Biological Corridor, which seeks the conservation of ecosystems.

Its emphasis in recent years has focused on the management of a small private reserve of 84 hectares and the consolidation of its community rural tourism initiative called "Casa Calateas".

President: Luis Zúñiga Agüero

Phone Number: (506) 8361-1715/2755-1013 /2234-6878

Address: Carbón Dos




4. Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Talamanca (APPTA)

APPTA seeks to do a strong job in more than 30 communities in the area in the field of organic agriculture and its implications for our present and future, thus having extensive coverage.

This Association began in 1987. APPTA develops an intense business dynamic that combines both the production and diversification of organic products, with the training and organization both national and international for the placement of products.

President: Aquilino Salina

Phone number: (506) 2751-0280

Address: Barrio Sand Box, Bribri



5. Asociación ANAI

Asociación ANAI began its work in the Talamanca region in 1983 with the main objective of supporting local communities to lead an autonomous process of sustainable development that protects natural resources and biodiversity while improving the social and economic well-being of current and future generations, through environmentally friendly productive activities , applied science, conservation and training.

President: Diego Lynch Atkin

Phone number: (506) 2224-3570

Address: San Pedro de Montes de Oca / Cruce hacia Puerto Viejo, Hone Creek, Talamanca.

Sitio web:



6. Asociación de Familias productoras El Yüe  

It began because of the need among neighbors to consume agricultural products without chemicals in order to improve the health of the local people, as well as the improvement in the environmental impact.

It was consolidated as an organization made up of several families of peasants. Its objective is to work as organic producers, dedicated to the planting of bananas and vegetables.

Services: bike rental, tours of the farm (medical plants, organic production, integral farms), tour to the waterfall, accommodation for families or groups of 12 people include food.

President: Rosa Emilia Cruz Cambronero

Phone Number: (506) 2756-8089



7. Asociación de Pequeños y Medianos Empresarios de Gandoca (ASOPYMEGA)

This Association has the following specific targets:

To promote activities of conservation of the ambience.

To support, to qualify and to advise members of the community of Gandoca in different topics related to the conservation and the tourism.

To help to improve the knowledge on aspects of the natural life in Gandoca, by means of the production of informative material, the operation of programs of training and other technological tools of information.

Cooperate in the investigation processes on aspects of the life of marine organisms and the forest.

To carry out experiences on these topics, systematize and evaluate the results.

President: Adelina López Umaña

Phone number: 2754-1050

Address: Gandoca

8. Asociación de Mujeres Indígenas de Talamanca (ACOMUITA)

The main objective of the ACOMUITA Association is the political union of Bribris – Cabécar women to learn and teach, strengthen culture, conserve nature and promote family and communal well-being.

This Association began its work as a women's organization in 1993 and is constituted in 1999 as an association. Among its activities are tourism projects such as the tour to observe the processing of chocolate, visit to a traditional indigenous farm; likewise they work with productive projects such as ecotourism, organic agriculture, elaboration of handicrafts, among others.

President: Marina López Morales

Phone number: (506) 2711-1604

Address: Shiroles, Talamanca




9. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Territorio indígena Bribri (ADITIBRI)

This Association was created in 1989 with the aim of achieving the communal, social, economic and cultural development of the population. Among the organization's own activities are: Strengthening the legal system, working together with state institutions to meet the needs of the region's people.

President: Ramón Buitrago Salazar

Phone Number: (506) 2711-1667

Address: Suretka




10. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral del Territorio Indígena Cabécar (ADITICA)

The Association for the Integral Development of the Cabécar Indigenous Territory (ADITICA) was established in 1985 with the main objective of contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the entire Cabécar population of Talamanca.

Different activities are carried out to improve the conditions of the residents, the conservation of the resources of the area, as well as efforts to form a proper image of the Association and strengthen it through participation in different entities, both regional and national.

President: Francisco Morales

Phone Number: (506) 8703-8170

Address: Gavilán


11. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Gandoca (ADI Gandoca)

The main objective of the Gandoca Integral Development Association (ADI GANDOCA) is to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of its area of the Gandoca community.

President: Eduardo Sossa

Phone Number: (506) 2754-1062

Address: Gandoca Community

12. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Hone Creek

This organization was born 18 years ago with the main objective of seeking and promoting the development of the Hone Creek community by supporting health programs, rural aqueducts, education, recreation, among others.

President: Porfirio López

Fibered Number: (506) 8835-5561

Direction: Hone Creek

 13. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral del Territorio Indígena Kéköldi

The name of this Association comes from the words Wak (owner) Ka (place or territory) Koneke (carers), which together mean: "The carers of Kéköldi." This Association began 14 years ago with the objective of conserving natural resources. Among its activities are: Working with guides, day laborers and artisans, and scientific research.

This reserve has an observation tower to see migratory birds and a tower for scientific observation. Among its main tourist attractions is the green nursery of iguanas, whose objective is the reproduction of the species for its release in the wild.

President: Sebastián Hernández Balma

Phone Number: (506) 8884-2671/ (506) 2200-3265

Address: Hone Creek – Puerto Viejo



14. Asociación Ara Manzanillo

The Ara Manzanillo association began in February 2012. Its main objective is the reintroduction of the large green macaw in the southern caribbean region. It has a wildlife refuge located in Manzanillo de Talamanca. Ara Manzanillo represents the first attempt in the world to reintroduce this species into nature.

Telephone number: (506) 8971-1436

Address: Manzanillo

Web page:


15. Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Puerto Viejo (ADI- Puerto Viejo)

Phone number: (506) 2750-0883

Address: Puerto Viejo Centro, Casa de la Cultura



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