To preserve Talamanca's biodiversity and ecosystems by stimulating communities and community organizations in their capacity for sustainable development and conservation.


The Biological Corridor will be comprised of an area of forest or agro-ecosystems similar to forests, and maintain a forested connectivity from the ocean to the high part of the mountain range, including some pristine areas that will remain protected, as well as the coastal marine zone. The Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor Association of Organizations will promote the protection and improvement of those ecosystems and resources. It will be strengthened as an organization, along with its members and local inhabitants, who will have improved their quality of life in harmony with the natural resources of the area.


  • Promote the development of activities that protect biodiversity.
  • Support the development of sustainable services and activities.
  • Sponsor the consolidation of grassroots organizations that focus on the protection and management of natural resources.
  • Urge the issuance or modification of policies that benefit natural resources in the Talamanca region.


  • Boletín Enero 2017. Proyecto: medidas de adaptación al cambio climático: una propuesta desde la realidad de las comunidades costeras de Talamanca, en el Caribe Sur de Costa Rica.

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  • Contribuyendo a mitigar el cambio climático mediante el aprovechamiento de energías renovables

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  • Un peligro inminente al que están expuestos los arrecifes coralinos del mundo.

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