Through the actions encompassed in this program, the ACBTC aims to boost modifications and / or issuances of policies to benefit the area's natural resources. For this, the organization advocates through various strategies:

Participation in Various Local, Regional and National Forums

Nationally participates in the membership of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).   (www.iucn.org)

Regionally participates in the Consejo Regional Ambiental de la Área de Conservación Amistad Caribe (Caribbean Regional Environmental Friendship Council Conservation Area), representing conservation organizations that exist within the region covered by the Conservation Area. This council was created by the la Ley de Biodiversidad N° 7788 (Biodiversity Law No. 7788) and has within its powers:

  • Recommend to the Consejo Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (National Council of Conservation Areas) the creation, modification or change of category of protected areas. 
  • Participate in the control of pests and forest fires. 
  • Propose areas which should receive incentives. 
  • Authorize the cutting of trees in pastures. 
  • Issue certificates of origin for wood from forest plantations. 

At the local level, participates in the Consejo Local Forestal de Talamanca (Talamanca Local Forestry Council) - this council is also created by the Biodiversity Law previously cited, in order to coordinate and oversee the conservation and sustainable utilization of forest resources in the area. The Council includes representation from both public institutions such as associations and community organizations, with programs and activities designed to:

  • Provide training to members of various organizations of the canton of Talamanca in environmental legislation and policing.
  • Channeling of environmental complaints to the relevant institutions.
  • Follow-up on complaints filed with the prosecution, environmental court, Fuerza Pública (Police Force) and MINAET (Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Ministry).

Contact telephone numbers and email addresses: (505) 2756-8136, tel/fax (506) 2756-8033; clftalamanca@hotmail.coma.alfaro@corredortalamanca.org

You can learn a little more about it in the document "Estrategia Penal Ambiental para el cantón de Talamanca ("Environmental Penalty Strategy for the canton of Talamanca") available in our digital library.

The ACBTC also participates in the Unión para el Desarrollo Talamanca (Talamanca Development Union), a body that brings together local organizations for reflection, consultation and implementation of actions that contribute to sustainable development in Talamanca.

Establishing Strategic Alliances to Coordinate and Facilitate Actions

  • With institutions with Executive Power like the Ministerio de Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones (Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Ministry), the Ministerio de Educación Pública (Public Education Ministry), the Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (Agriculture and Livestock Ministry), the Ministerio de Seguridad (Security Ministry), the Institute of Agrarian Development; institutions with Judicial Power, Non-Governmental Organizations and entrepreneurs..

Consultancy in Environmental Law with Local Leaders



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